jizzle (gness) wrote,

oh look

another picture of them.

i wish he would just say it
just be honest about everything
i could handle that

i can't handle this
i blame myself for everything
i hate everything about myself

i'm too fucking stupid and pathetic to take it for what it is

i meant nothing to him
he used me and lied to me
i meant nothing to him

why can't i just accept that and move on?

why am i always crying about this?

why do i feel like i'm never going to be healed from this?

why doesn't he care?

i don't remember the last time i wanted to die as much as right now

why am i so undeserving of answers?

even if they aren't what i want to hear
i just need to know

at this rate i'll never know what i did wrong
what i continue to do wrong
all the fucking time

every time i look in the mirror i can see why he doesn't want me
why he left
why they always leave
why i'm never worth it
not even a fucking answer

every breath i take is a mistake.
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