jizzle (gness) wrote,


James Bond
10:59 PM
To: justine never knew the ru...

i dont know waht you want from me
im not over ayla
i tried to be friends with you but you wouldnt let the relationship shit go
im not hopping around from girl to girl
how dare you bring up alex she has nothing to do with this and i regret leaving her
youre messaging my friends and its kind of creepy
i told you how things were
i dont know what else to tell you, i told you everything i could and it wouldnt get through to you so i stopped talking to you and even that hasnt seemed to have worked


my responce

i don't know how many times i can possibly say this - all i want is for you to answer my questions with the truth.
you didn't try to be friends with me. you tried to be friends with benefits while leading me on and making me think things would eventually work out. i don't go around fooling around with and telling my friends that i'm in love with them. maybe that's how you do things but that's not how it's supposed to be.
i only brought her up to prove the point that you're continuing to hurt people because you won't get your shit together. and you also cheated on me with her. so yea.
i messaged your friend mike twice. once when you had your meltdown on facebook and once cause i heard you weren't really working and may have been kicked out. i just wanted to make sure you were okay. i'm sorry that i fucking cared.
after all of this i still just want to believe you are just a troubled person and don't know how to treat people. you could go on and just be an asshole and pretend like you don't care about anything and let it eat you up on the inside, or you could be a decent person and do the right thing.
it's funny how you completely avoid the simple truth that could end this all. all i want is answers. i want to be done with you. i don't ever want to think of you again. please just answer the fucking questions. it's not hard. i even bolded them for you.

seriously. i love how he claims he was so up front about things. what a fucking liar. i want to punch him in the face.
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