jizzle (gness) wrote,

do do do

sarah is here! :)

things have been better

just wish they would last

i know it's just because she's here and everything is exciting and fun and gogogogogogo

i'm worried about what's gonna happen when she's gone

although i don't think it'll get that bad again

the worst may be over

but there's always next time. that's actually the scariest part.

therapy is going well.

got one of my w2s. waiting on 2 more.

made more than 10,000 (on record) for the first time ever.

shall be interesting.

i hope i get money back. i could certainly use it!
and a visit to thomas ought to be good. he'll be proud of the toni's thing.

time for bed. long day of work tomorrow. last day to get the cds done. the wall is almost entirely visable. it's amazing. i feel proud and accomplished. and mostly it's gonna feel great to tell don to suckkk itttt.

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