jizzle (gness) wrote,

lots of changes

haven't updated in forever!

chris and i are dating. officially it's been a little over a month. though he denies this and counts march as the start. but we needed a date and didn't get an official one til may 10th so that's it lol.

things have been really good with him. he's so supportive and sweet to me. i can talk to him about anything and i've shared dark terrible secrets that few or no one else knows. he's not running. he's staying. it's comforting and amazing.

he's also moving in this week. i've never had anything this serious before. nor have i lived with anyone like this before. it's new. it's kinda scary but seems perfectly natural at the same time. i'm really enjoying this. being with him always brings a smile to my face. i'm just sorry i didn't jump aboard this ship sooner. but i guess i needed to suffer a little bit so i could know how good i have it now.

in other less gushy news

i'm sick again. might be bronchitis. not sure yet. gonna go to the doctors tomorrow. i need to go anyway. haven't had a real physical/check up since i was 17. it's scary but it needs to be done. hopefully it won't cost a fortune. i'm trying to save up so i can take chris and run away to Hawaii to see kelly and the kids in october. money is such a bitch. oh well. it'll all work out.

mom had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. thought she had meningitis. turns out she has pancreatus or however you spell it. she has to have surgery to remove her gallbladder once the infection goes away. i haven't talked to her. i don't really want to. i'm conflicted on the matter. i'll leave it at that.

brothers girlfriend said that cj also has autism. talked to kim about it. full diagnosis isn't available until he's 5. i'm not sure if he really is. people tend to be kind of hypochondriacs in my family . so i dunno. shaine and john got mrsa from shitty tattoos. mike has some sort of palsy from drinking too much. i think arlene threw him out. basically on the health front everyone is not doing so hot. i'm hoping that will change.

i need to get off my sick ass and do something somewhat productive today so i'm gonna end this now.
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