jizzle (gness) wrote,

the greatest lovers were murderers first

so much to say
internet is cutting out every few mins

emotional overload and yet completely numb and drained at the same time

keep busy
stop thinking

i try so hard

not sure how long i can avoid a confrontation

i don't know why everyone thinks being aware and accepting certain facts is so bad
i'm not so negative

i know me
i know what i am
what i deserve
what i'm capable of

i'm terrible
i'm a mess
i don't deserve anyone
i'm not capable of giving anyone what they want

i need to go back into seclusion
it's the only way

right now it's a waiting game
ready to give up the reigns
not sure what else i could do
i don't think i have the ability to change
they'll never fully understand
she prodded enough to make me want to runrunrunrunrunrunandhide
i thought i was a little better than that
some things i just don't want to talk about

i know i'll never be happy
pretending is fun
but it's only pretending
it doesn't last

and goddamn if i didn't have the worst nights sleep in a long time

please don't show your face again

i hurt enough without you
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